Friday 4 September 2015


This Tuesday something magical happened at Matthew Pearce! A bunch of wonderful book characters popped right off the pages of our favourite books and came to spend the day with us.

We had characters from Beast Quest, Clementine Rose, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and many many more.

Some of the teachers looked extra crazy... Mrs Amos was an awesome Gruffalo, Miss J was the evil Cruella deVille and Mr Armitage was Clark Kent... or was he?

Take a look at the crazy characters from 3DS...

In other news this week...

We have had a couple of practices for our assembly item with the whole grade. It's been rather crazy at times, but the children are doing some amazing things and it's going to be a wonderful performance! There are going to be 19th century ships, samurai warriors, Chinese dragons, passionate Sri Lankan cricket supporters and more... Don't miss out on this wonderful performance!

The very clever 3DS students have also submitted their HSIE / Science research projects. (Well...most of them!) They continue to blow me away with their increasing confidence in using technology. There have been some amazing presentations, combining images, text, audio and video. I can't wait for them to share their presentations with the class next week!

Another exciting occurrence was my Year 5 debating team winning their regional quarter-final. They smashed the opposition and continue to work so hard to get better. I am so proud of them! 3DS were very excited at yet another debating victory and celebrated with me.

With only two weeks left of the term, we have Musica Viva to look forward to next week, and PBL reward in week 10. Plus LOTS more practising for our assembly item. It's going to be a crazy two weeks for sure, but then we'll all get to breathe and relax in the holidays.